Cycle Caddy

Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Design Prompt: Bicycle Tool Kit 

The Cycle Caddy was improved upon Mid-March 2020. It's a bicycle carriage rack that also works as a mudguard and a lockable storage space. Taking into account information learned from observation, interviews, market research, and user research, the Cycle Caddy is a permanent solution for bike accessory theft, rear tire splash, safety, and away from home repairs. 

Second Revision

IMG_3442 copy.jpg

Improved features:

  • Key fob locking mechanism
  • Solar powered portable battery bank

The lock is from a key fob cabinet lock and a disassembled portable solar-powered USB battery bank from and wired them as necessary to work in the functional prototype. One feature included in the wiring is conductive strips on the underside of the top carrier surface, enabling the solar-powered battery to charge while the drawer is open or closed. This 'wireless' configuration enables the removal of the drawer entirely from the cycle caddy housing. If the portable battery dies, the user may manually recharge it. 


First Revision

Cycle Caddy Presentaton

First Prototype