Hi, I'm Jerritt Smith!

A 3rd-year product design student at the University of Minnesota. I'm an aspiring product designer, artist, and multidisciplinarian as my interests and hobbies are seemingly boundless.

- Co-President of Product Design Minnesota (PDMN) student group

- IDSA Midwest District Student Representative 

An Ongoing Glossary of My Interests and Hobbies:

Additive Manufacturing, Aeronautics, Arduino, Art, Astronomy, Biking, Bookbinding, Bouldering, Boxing, Calligraphy, Circuit Building, Classic Car Restoration, Creative Writing, Design, Drawing, Electronics, Fiberglassing, Fishing, Furniture Design, Guitar, Hiking, History, Hockey, Ice Skating, IOT, Longboarding, Motorcycles, Movies, Museums, Music, Painting, Photography, Physics, Printmaking, Running, Sewing, Sketching, Snowboarding, Soccer, Storytelling, Traveling, Ukulele, Welding, Woodworking