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Hi, I'm Jerritt

A recent Product Design graduate from the University of Minnesota. I'm an ambitious problem finder, problem solver, artist, and multidisciplinarian, as my curiosities and hobbies are seemingly boundless. Growing as a designer, I've developed a passion for discovering ways in which we can implement human factors and human-centered design principles to create meaningful experiences within products.

SMA Award Certificate.png

- Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center: April 2021 - January 2022

- Industrial Design Intern at Kablooe Design: May-August 2021

- Tom Burnett Leadership Program: Spring 2022

- 2022 Midwest District Student Merit Award Finalist

- Medtronic - Human-Centered Design Associate: June 2022 - Present

An ongoing glossary of my interests and hobbies:

Additive Manufacturing, Aeronautics, Arduino, Art, Astronomy, Biking, Bookbinding, Bouldering, Boxing, Calligraphy, Circuit Building, Classic Car Restoration, Creative Writing, Design, Drawing, Electronics, Fiberglassing, Fishing, Furniture Design, Guitar, Hiking, History, Hockey, Ice Skating, IOT, Longboarding, Motorcycles, Movies, Museums, Music, Painting, Photography, Physics, Printmaking, Running, Sewing, Sketching, Snowboarding, Soccer, Storytelling, Traveling, Ukulele, Welding, Woodworking

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